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With yoga, something sparkles inside and starts the desire to step on the mat. Whatever takes us to yoga, we are there. Whether it is a journey for life or an experimental moment in time, if yoga is discovered at the ‘right’ time of life, that first encounter can create a practice lifelong and life-reaffirming practice

And so it has happened with GreenYoga, something sparkles and a desire to create is launched: one step is taken and we start …

The first steps of GreenYoga were taken in 2006, when our Co-founder Maria was teaching yoga in yogaDarshan based in Madrid and whose passion for yoga has led her to choose a lifestyle more in line with her values, and she discovered that it was a great challenge for everyone to find both comfortable and pretty yoga clothes as well as good yoga accessories. She took the initiative to sell yoga clothes, accessories and books in her studio to hes students after yoga and in her Yoga Studio website

Maria is a positive, active and enterprising person, vegetarian for almost 30 years, a seasoned traveller always interested in other countries and cultures, and the proud mother of two adopted dogs: an american staffordhire named Kali & a bullterrier named Shiva.

In December 2019, we decided to start a new adventure and create Green Yoga. The desire is for Green Yoga to always inspire and our motto is: “Attitude is everything.” Above all, there is a commitment to offer the best range of yoga and wellness products: we simply do what we love and that makes a difference!

Our latest news is the exciting launch of our brand and our website in 2020, replacing the former shop at yogadarshan. Our clients’ closeness and satisfaction are very important to us. We’re delighted to serve you and we hope you enjoy shopping, reading our blog stories and especially continue your Yoga practice.

What originally was only a dream is today a reality.

Our business values and philosophy of life are reflected in Green yoga’s vision, mission and product selection.


To serve the yoga community offering products for happy personal growth and development.

Green Yoga wants to contribute to the change in the world fostering positive thinking and aiding the transformational potential inherent in the yoga practice.

Green Yoga works with Evolución and Ayuacan (Non-Profit Pet Adoption organizations): we donate 3% of all our sales to them to help fund the shelters and the work done to post the profiles of homeless pets.


To offer yoga, meditation and well-being products of the highest quality and reliability, trying to choose products in an easy and safe way so you can derive the maximum benefit from your yoga practice.

We know you only need your body, mind and soul to do yoga. Still, there are beautiful things out there that will make your practice much easier to conduct. We offer you products that help you concentrate on the asanas, so you can fully experience your personal yoga journey and grow and nurture yourself at all levels.


At Green Yoga we dedicate time to look for, find, design and obtain the best yoga items, and we choose when it is posible use full organic, and or recycled products.

NO Animal Origin Products:

We have not and we will never have products manufactured with animals, no skins, no nothing.

Green Yoga supports organic farming and uses organic cotton to make selected garments with no exception on the Be Green line of products (100% cotton, totally free of pesticides, chemical agents and bleaching agents)

Because Green Yoga’s products are of the highest quality, environmentally friendly, and have a functional and beautiful design, you need not spend your time looking for them everywhere. Leave that to us and fully enjoy your practice! We are yoga teachers and practitioners, and we know firsthand the yogi’s needs.

We hope that Green Yoga’s products inspire and bring you happiness.

As we move forward, we will continue serving and being part of your yoga trip … every step of the way. Our deepest desire is for each yogi to have a positive experience with yoga both inside and outside the mat.

Green Yoga Central office and logistics: Calle Tablas de Daimiel nº 79 – 28860 Paracuellos de Jarama-Madrid


Hari Om Tat Sat